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Finngard 500 - Protective Coating for Concrete

Alkali-resistant water-borne silicone modified water-repellent acrylate coating, which protects concrete against humidity.
Suitable for painting of concrete surfaces such as facades, front and side panels of balconies or other exterior concrete structures according to the instructions for use.
Anbefalede anvendelser
Residential, business and industrial buildings, warehouses etc.

Malingen er velegnet til udvendige vægge Malingen er hel mat Malingen er vandbaseret Værktøj rulle
Dækningen af ​​maling på ru overflader
Dækningen af ​​maling på glatte overflader
Base paints
Glans grad
0,4-0,5 m2 /kg (approx. 3-4 m2/l) / one treatment. Coverage is determined by the roughness and porosity of the surface as well as painting method and conditions.
Emballages størrelser
25 kg
Påførings metode
Roller, brush or spray with elevated tank (min. nozzle size 0,043'', spray angle 60º).
Tørretid ved 23°C og 50% relativ luftfugttighed
Recoatable after 12 hours.
Modstandsdygtighed overfor vanddamp (EN ISO 7783)
sd,H2O < 0,5 m
Vandgennemtrængelighed (EN 1062-3)
w24 < 0,1 kgm-2h-0.5.
Vedhæftningsstyrke (ISO 4624)
> 0,8 N/mm2.
Good, also in maritime and industrial atmosphere. FinnGard 500 prevents capillary penetration of rain and splash water into the structure. Allows water vapour from inside the structure to pass through.
Volumen af aktive ingredienser
Approx. 50 %.
Approx. 1.7 kg/l, ISO 2811
Protect from frost.

The surface to be treated has to be dry, the temperature of the air at least +5 °C, and the relative humidity of the air below 80 %. Do not paint under strong sunlight.
New concrete surfaces:
Remove dirt, loose material and salts from unpainted concrete surfaces. Pre-cast concrete surfaces can be painted after the first heating season. Surfaces cast using formwork must be mechanically worked (e.g. sand-blasted) to create sufficient texture and remove the glass-like, glossy hydrated cement. Similarly, the cement paste on cast surfaces must be removed by sand-blasting, steel brushing or high-pressure washing with the addition of sand. Concrete surfaces which are very porous are recommended to be treated with Finnseco Polytop finishing mortar. Treat new plaster surfaces after a curing time of 1-2 months.

Previously painted surfaces:
Remove flaking, poorly attached or powdery paint coats from previously painted surfaces. Choose the method of removal according to solidity of the substrate and type of paint to be removed (e.g. steel-brushing, high-pressure washing or water-sand blasting). Remove also poorly attached, fragile plaster and concrete surfaces. Open possible cracks in concrete constructions by pick- dressing, or with edge grinder and bobbing. Clean rust from the reinforcement bars, and continue the treatment using a suitable Finnseco repair mortar. Sand-blasted, very porous concrete surfaces are recommended to be finished with Finnseco Polytop finishing mortar.

Applicable national health and safety precautions must be followed in the pre-treatment and coating of substrates containing asbestos.
Patch opened cracks, holes and hollows to the same level as the surrounding concrete surface with a suitable Finnseco repair mortar, and plaster surfaces with lime cement mortar. Cure the patches with care and allow them to harden before painting.
New concrete surfaces and hard lime-cement plaster surfaces:
Apply two coats of FinnGard 500. Drying time of 12 hours should be allowed between coats. If necessary, FinnGard 500 can be thinned with max 5 % of water.
Old unpainted concrete surfaces or surfaces where the old paint has been removed:
a) Prime concrete surfaces with a mixture of Alfagel 400 and FinnGard 500 (1 volume part Alfagel 400 and 4 volume parts FinnGard 500, which is approximately 3.3 kg of Alfagel 400 and 25 kg of FinnGard 500). Apply FinnGard 500 earliest 12 hours after priming.
b) Prime the surface with Kivisil primer or Alfagel 400 according to the instructions on the data sheet. Apply two coats of FinnGard 500 after the primer has been absorbed into the substrate (surface does not appear glossy). Drying time of 12 should be allowed between the coats. FinnGard 500 can be thinned with water max. 5%.

Overcoated surfaces can be also treated without priming by applying two coats of FinnGard 500. However the use of silicone primer improves the protective capability of the coating.

Rengøring af værktøj
Clean tools with water.
Avoid cleaning for a month. After that, the surface can be cleansed carefully with a high pressure cleaner without detergent. The cleaning can leave permanent mark on the surface so, carefully wash according to joints. Remove loose dirt lightly with a brush without rubbing.
Apply Tikkurila Mould Removal to remove mould or algae. Rinse well.
Note! After using Tikkurila Mould Removal always recoat the surface.
Clean paint splashes immediately from windows, or protect the windows before priming and coating.

Careful pressure-washing without cleaning detergents is usually enough. For biological growth, such as mould or algae, use hypochlorite solution (e.g. Homeenpoisto 1), and rinse well.

FinnGard 500, FinnGard 150 or Kivisil Facade Paint. Check the condition of the structures and do necessary repair work before maintenance painting.
The paint can be thinned up to 5-10% with water for priming, if necessary. Finish with unthinned paint. Follow the recommended coverage values to ensure maximum protective effect. Adjust overlapping to structural details, windows, joints of elements etc.

Surfaces painted with FinnGard 150 can be re-painted with FinnGard 150
EU VOC 2004/42/EC-limit værdi
(Cat A/c) 75g/l(2007) / 40g/l(2010)
Finngard 500 contains VOC max. 75g/l.

The product is not classified as dangerous. A Material Safety Data Sheet is available on request.
Material Safety Data Sheet - Finngard 500

Empty cans should be recycled or disposed of in accordance with local regulations. Liquid waste should be destroyed according to the local regulations.
ADR: not classified
ssa290208 / ars200308 / jar110308 / uha160402 / 359-