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Cost-effective and Energy-smart Coating

06.09.2010 12:17

Painting is an important part of the manufacturing process of steel structures and equipment. The effects of paint coating on product look, quality and cost of surface treatment are well known. Less attention has been paid to the environmental, energy and lead-time effects of the selected painting system.

Cost management is a continuous challenge in maintaining competitiveness.  The price per liter of paint is only a small part of the total cost of surface treatment: other factors include pretreatments, painting methods and painting system, along with the energy required for drying, ventilation and cooling.

Tikkurila’s answer to this challenge is close cooperation with equipment and painting lines suppliers, enabling us to find the optimal solution in terms of cost, quality and the environment.


Reduced Carbon Footprint


The most successful companies today consider being environmentally friendly a competitive edge.   For many years, Tikkurila has developed and actively promoted the use of water-borne products that have a high solid content – the  “high-solids” products. These products require less energy to dry than traditional solvent-borne painting systems. We use new technology to control air humidity in order to reduce energy costs by up to 50 percent and accelerate the lead-times in painting so that they are doubled. 


Thanks to the new extra high-solids Tikkurila products – featuring solids content of more than 80 percent by volume – and to the new drying technology, surface treatment costs can be reduced significantly.  With the help of these extra high-solids products, VOC emissions can be reduced significantly compared to the usual high-solids content products. At the same time, the working environment inside the paint shop is improved.


With our experience and the complete service concept, Tikkurila is a partner that invests in the future and can offer comprehensive solutions for painting.


*) VOC = Volatile Organic Compounds, in other words solvent emissions



ABB Robots
ABB Robots paint their robots with Tikkurila’s water-borne Fonte products

An example of the benefits gained by replacing a regular single coat system with

Tikkurila’s Temasolid high solids polyurea paint:

  • the price per liter of paint was 75 percent higher but the direct painting costs were reduced by 22 percent
  • the energy required was reduced by 76 percent
  • the VOC emissions were reduced by 58 percent
  • the lead-time for painting was reduced by about 50 percent


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